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Enterprise Asset Management software

The benefits of EAM software.

Many organizations don’t realize how valuable Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can actually be. Those that neglect tracking physical assets generally are losing money through lost assets, or are experiencing problems within their infrastructure when those assets are mission critical.

An affordable EAM software solution can solve these concerns and provide other major benefits to any organization. This list includes just a few. Based on your specific situation, you may see additional benefits.

  • With a good EAM system, organizations can take a proactive approach to maintaining their operations and preparing to handle physical infrastructure issues before they become problems.
  • True life-cycle planning can be done to ensure assets are replaced, rotated or used to maximize their value.
  • EAM software reduces time spent by upper management in dealing with asset management issues and concerns that can and should be addressed by lower-level employees.
  • It is at the heart of nearly every major organization these days. A proper EAM strategy is crucial to any IT department if they are to run successfully and efficiently.
  • Often, EAM is required if you are going to comply with industry standards and regulations. Trying to do this with a paper-based or home-grown solution is costly, inefficient and likely to fail.
Enterprise Asset Management software planning

EAM planning.

Don’t let your organization become a victim of passive or nonexistent EAM strategies. Take the time to understand the value of your assets and how they impact the efficiency of your business, as well as what they mean to the bottom line. Organize and prioritize your assets to better determine the level of asset management you might require. Shop carefully for the right solution for your needs. These solutions don’t need to be expensive to be effective and provide the value you are looking for.

One of the best on the market is a solution called Fishbowl. This manufacturing and warehouse management software has been trusted by NASA, Boeing, Honda, Wells Fargo, and many other large organizations. If you’re not using EAM software now, find out if Fishbowl is right for you!

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