David K. Williams, Fishbowl CEO, Speaks Out


Fishbowl CEO speaks on the Leaders247 podcast

David K. Williams, Chairman and CEO of Fishbowl, can  always be seen in the limelight. Whether he is writing weekly articles for Forbes or appearing on podcasts and in other media. He is constantly sharing his insights into being a great leader, building a profitable business, and helping other companies with Fishbowl’s business automation platform.

He recently spoke with Gordon Whitehead on the Leaders247 podcast, and he covered all sorts of personal and professional topics. It’s approximately 47 minutes long, and it’s well worth a listen. Just click the link above to visit the Leaders247 website and check out Williams’ words of wisdom.

Here are some of the highlights of the podcast:

  • The interviewer asks a question Williams has never been asked before about what drives him in his writing for Forbes and other publications
  • What Williams thinks about what he wrote in a 2013 article about the 5 C’s of being a great leader
  • How Williams feels about sharing private details about his life publicly
  • Williams shares an example of how he lost big in a business deal and then rose from the ashes to pay back all of his debts and become an even bigger success
  • Why Fishbowl works to stay debt-free and employee-owned
  • How Williams came to Fishbowl in 2004 and revitalized the company
  • The importance of a company’s culture
  • How to successfully start and maintain a business
  • How to develop employees into leaders

This post originally comes from Robert Lockard, copywriter from the Fishbowl USA team.

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Fishbowl USA Say G’Day Down Under

Fishbowl USA Come and Say G'Day

Over the last week Fishbowl Australia has been host to David Williams, CEO of Fishbowl and author of The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning: Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results, and Kendrick Hair, the Vice President of Development of Fishbowl in the ‘States.

While both were here in Australia, apart from taking happy snaps with Kangaroos and buying enough Tim Tam’s for the 120 staff in Fishbowl USA office, David and Kendrick had a chance to meet and get to know the Australian staff, discuss the plans for the next 100 years of Fishbowl, and prioritise the features we would like to see in future releases of Fishbowl in Australia.

Did you see our post last week where we spoke briefly about the history of Fishbowl for the past 15 years? We had the pleasure of hearing the story in its entirety from the man who believed in the Fishbowl product from the very start and who turned it into the the number one QuickBooks (Reckon Accounts in Australia and New Zealand) add-on in the USA. David also spoke of his 100 year plan going forward with Fishbowl, ensuring the ongoing success of the company and continued improvements and integrations to the software.

Looking forward, Fishbowl has a plethora of new features and products just in the pipeline just for 2017 alone.

Next year we should see the release of a fully featured, cloud-based inventory management software solution, which will integrate with your favourite accounting software while being accessible on any smart device from anywhere that has internet access.

Also, much to the delight of some of our current Fishbowl clients, you will be able to send emails for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Shipping Confirmations to multiple email addresses. These exciting new features will be available in the Fishbowl 2017.1 release coming early in the new year. This update will also coincide with the other change to emails available in the current Fishbowl release 2016.14 – full HTML support. This allows for the use of styling, logo and banner images, and more.

Also coming to Fishbowl 2017.1 release is the upgrade of our database structure to MySQL. This will give you a faster and more reliable connection to the Fishbowl server.

Later next year we will also expand the accounting software that we integrate with to include Sage software.

You can keep up to date with the what is on the horizon for upcoming releases of Fishbowl by visiting the Wiki Road Map and keeping it bookmarked. Or check out what is in the latest or a previous release of Fishbowl by checking out the Release Notes page.


What you need to know about Fishbowl Time & Labor

What you must know about Fishbowl Time & Labor

Fishbowl Time & Labor is an online time-clock solution that integrates seamlessly with either Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse. Watch the video, as it will go through and explain many of the core features of Fishbowl Time & Labor. To learn more you can visit the documentation here.

Fishbowl Time & Labor’s features include the ability to:

  • Clock in from anywhere, and on any device
  • Keep track of employee breaks
  • Switch between projects
  • Calculate employee overtime
  • Monitor paid time off
  • Export payroll information

Check out the video above and you will get a good idea of how Fishbowl Time & Labor can be a useful tool for your business, and remember there is a no obligation, 30 day free trial available here.

6 tips in becoming a better Project Manager

better project manager tips

The job of a project manager entails some heavy responsibilities that can impact the future direction of the company you work for. You need to be aware of your team members, the project’s process and timetable, and, most importantly, the big picture for the outcomes you want to see. The people you’ll be managing may not see past the work they do, but you’ll have to keep everything in line with the overarching goals.

To be a great project manager, you’ll need to motivate your team to do their best work without micromanaging their every move, this is according to Workfront. It is a big step in your career, and it can push you and the company toward more success and different projects in the future.

While many professionals can only dream of this position, stepping into the shoes of a project manager for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are six tips to help you become better at your job.

Take a Step Back

Oftentimes, managers get too involved and caught up in different tasks and processes. It is quite easy to forget what your position actually requires of you on a daily basis. As you assume more roles and are given more responsibility, the odds of having a burnout can accumulate.

Take a step back and remember what your fundamental responsibilities are. You don’t have to get swept up in the drama of the details, just be sure the final product will reflect what you need it to. If possible, Business News Daily suggests, make a vision statement, final goal visual, or some kind of written reminder of what the project should achieve once completed. Having something to work toward, and a big picture you can see or keep in mind will help you to navigate what small points are really important in the long run.

Communicate With Your Team

Effective communication is the hallmark of any successful project. As a project manager, your job is to pave an unobstructed channel of communication both in and out of the office. Know everyone’s email and phone contacts, so you can conveniently alert team members of status reports, meetings, and project plans, and changes. Be sure they can easily contact you for feedback as well. Keep your door and mind open to new ideas so everyone can feel comfortable coming to you with their concerns and questions.

Listen Clearly

Every good project manager knows how to divide their attention and time. They have trained their ears and mind to absorb as much information as possible from team members and relay relevant opinions or information back to them. Effective listening is much harder to hone than you might think, but purposeful listening can definitely be achieved over time and with practice. When you talk with team members make a conscious effort to allow everyone time to speak and when you listen, give your full attention.

Streamline with Technology

Use technology to help you fill in the gaps in your processes. By using project management software you will be able to have a faster project turnaround by automating repetitive tasks and analyzing big data. Streamline with applications like Dropbox and open documents to improve team collaboration and time management.

Be Better at Compromise

With so many elements to keep track of, a project can turn messy overnight. As a project manager, your team will expect you to make fast decisions and compromise when things go south. Don’t allow yourself too much time to consider a decision when you are in a time crunch. Think about ways things can get done faster and always keep your overarching goals in mind.

Avoid Hierarchy

Completing a project can feel like the perfect time to award promotions and new positions, but always think about the time and place. Avoid hierarchy within your team or department, especially when everyone’s stressed about a nearing deadline. Instead, clear your mind and embrace criticism. Objectively look at where you can improve and encourage team members to do the same.

Becoming a project manager is not a solo mission. It requires you to improve not only intrapersonal skills, but interdependent skills as well. The six tips above will not only help you become a project manager, but will help your coworkers and employees improve their performance as a collective.