Fishbowl GO: Barcoding technology at your fingertips

Fishbowl GO is an App that runs on your Android or Apple devices (barcode scanners/mobile phones/tablets), for warehouse barcode scanning.
Finally experience the freedom and accuracy of managing your inventory directly from the warehouse floor.

Watch how Fishbowl Go can solve your slow P.P.S. problems

What is Fishbowl Go?

Fishbowl GO helps you to avoid time-wasting manual data entry and human error, while increasing speed and accuracy of your inventory data. Quickly scan, swipe or tap your barcode scanner, tablet or phone to perform key inventory and manufacturing jobs throughout your warehouse.

Fishbowl GO’s easy to use interface means staff can quickly Scan Barcodes to Receive in stock, Pick orders, Pack them, and Ship them out the door.

As well, Fishbowl GO can complete Work Orders, Move and Add Inventory, retrieve Part Information and complete Cycle Counts for easy, accurate Stocktakes on the GO.

Settings Available for Fishbowl Go

Scan Barcodes

Simpy use the camera on your Apple or Android device to scan with the Fishbowl GO app, or if you need more rugged hardware for a busy warehouse, you can use more heavy duty barcode scanners that can withstand being dropped, or used in cold areas for food manufacturers.

Scan your barcodes on stock items, including barcodes that you have printed from Fishbowl directly, for location labels, finished goods, parts, products, work orders, and more.

Cycle Counts

Easily cycle inventory items in/out by scanning barcoded items individually, or even input quantities directly onto the screen. Fishbowl GO also takes the headache out of keeping up with regular rolling stocktakes, or even the larger end of financial year stocktake, ensuring there is no downtime and your warehouse is always moving and up to date.


Simply scan a barcode in the Fishbowl GO app and receive your stock into the warehouse as it arrives, make adjustments to quantities received, and enter the tracking information, all in real-time. Whether your tracking data is serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers, revision levels, Expiry Dates, custom data or a combination, Fishbowl GO makes it easier than ever. Fishbowl GO will make your warehouse staff process more efficient by suggesting where to place your incoming inventory.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

Take the paper out of your Picking, Packing and Shipping process and make your warehouse more efficient (and accurate), than ever!
Start and finish a customer’s order right from your handheld device without the need to print a Picking Slip. Fishbowl GO will guide staff through the warehouse along the fastest route while they complete the order. Combine multiple orders and pick them simultaneously, finishing Sales Orders, Work Orders, Transfer Orders, and Vendor Returns, packing and shipping them quicker than ever.

Work Orders

Finish Work Orders directly from Fishbowl GO – when you open an order it will direct you to pick the raw goods needed to finish the build. Once the Work Order is completed, you can add the finished goods that will be produced and the quantity, which can be adjusted if needed. Enter in any tracking information that is required and the Work Order is fulfilled, couldn’t be easier.

Move and Add Inventory

Using part and location barcodes you can do a ‘Move’ of stock between locations by scanning the starting location, the item, and the final location where it is being moved to. Adding new inventory items is just as easy, simply scan the location the item is going, then the item itself, and finally key in the quantity. Job done!

Retrieve Part Information 

Need detailed information on a Part, including part number, description, unit of measure, UPC, location, quantity in stock per location? Simply scan the barcode on the Part and get a full overview. You can even print barcodes using the print button and update the associated image and UPC code.

Try Fishbowl GO for free

Download the Fishbowl GO app from Google Play or the App Store on a compatible device, integrate with Fishbowl Warehouse or Fishbowl Manufacturing (including trial versions), and get an overview over the power of wireless barcode scanning technology.

If you want to see all the features of Fishbowl GO in action, we can even set up an online demo and go over any questions you have.

Fishbowl Go Google Play Store Fishbowl Go Apple App Store

Fishbowl integrates with Xero Accounts

Xero and Fishbowl inventory integration

Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for small and midsize businesses. Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with Xero, giving you a complete manufacturing and warehouse management system that works in conjunction with your accounting solution to ensure you always have the correct invoices, ledger entries, and all other accounting documentation you need.

Fishbowl is the inventory solution for Xero

Here are the many details of this integration between Fishbowl and Xero:

  • You can configure Fishbowl’s integration to Xero fairly quickly, allowing you to update the general ledger whenever you make changes to your inventory records.
  • You can use Fishbowl to accept sales orders, pick, pack, and ship orders, transfer inventory, and more. Then it automatically exports those changes to Xero to create accounting adjustments in relation to inventory assets, cost of goods sold, and income.
  • Both Fishbowl and Xero can be used to accept payments from customers, and both will reflect those payments without you having to enter them twice.
  • Fishbowl lets you create purchase orders for whatever you need to buy, and then it sends bills to Xero to make the appropriate accounting entries.
  • New customers and suppliers get exported from Fishbowl to Xero so that they will have the same contact information and other details in both solutions.
  • All inventory adjustments (from cycle counts to scrapped inventory) are automatically transferred from Fishbowl to Xero.
  • After completing a work order in Fishbowl Manufacturing, you can schedule it to be exported to Xero in order to make an entry on the general ledger reflecting the change.

This post comes from Robert Lockard in the Fishbowl USA office.

Crystal ball not needed: Fishbowl Forecast Module

 Fishbowl forecast module

The Forecast module is a Fishbowl Plugin that becomes part of the Fishbowl user interface. This is a bit different than separate solutions provided by Fishbowl and other companies. There’s nothing you have to download or even install. All you simply have to do is get the right credentials and then activate the Forecast module through Fishbowl’s Plugin module.

Predicting the future is simple with the Fishbowl Forecast Module

The Forecast module uses sales numbers, patterns and other information across a certain time period to predict upcoming sales, quantities, and costs. It then presents all of this data through a number of filters and chart types.

Here are the features you’ll find in this module:

  • As noted above, you don’t have to download anything. You simply have to enter the proper information into the interface to activate the already-installed Forecast module.
  • Numerous filters are available to limit the data to specific sales, quantities, costs, parts, and location groups.
  • In addition, you can select the period of time you want to use as a reference to base the predicted sales information on. You can also select the future period of time you want to extend the forecasting into.
  • Forecasted data can be displayed in three main types of charts: line graph, accumulation, or scatter plot. You can select the one that will show the data in the most intuitive way for your needs.

This post comes from Robert Lockard, Fishbowl USA

Meet the Team: Sue-Ellen


Fishbowl Team, Say G’Day

Once a month we will be meeting a new member of the Fishbowl team. Firstly we will be meeting Sue-Ellen and next month we will be saying hello to our newest team member, Jenny.

Who is Sue-Ellen?

If you’ve called our office recently, you may have noticed a few new voices on the phone. Sue-Ellen is one of those voices, and has joined our team as a Consultant and has been working on the Support Desk over the last couple of months. Sue-Ellen brings over 15 years of accounting and IT experience with her.

Expect to see Sue-Ellen on-site implementing Fishbowl and better workflows for your business, and on the phone answering any queries you may have.

Want to Say Hello?

If you have any questions, or want to say hi to the team, don’t hesitate to call our office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

How To: Fishbowl Email Setup

how to setup fishbowl email

Keepin’ It Digital

In the above video I go through all the steps and information you will need in order to set up your emails in Fishbowl, this way customers and suppliers will have up to date information every step of the way.

If you don’t wish to watch the video I have outlined the steps and information below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate the Fishbowl office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

In Fishbowl you can set up a company wide email or you can have an email set up for each user. Let’s go over those steps now.

Company Wide Email

As long as you have sufficient User Rights you can go to the Setup dropdown menu and select Company. Once here select the Email tab and you will see all the information you need in order to send emails from Fishbowl, if you do not know this information, please contact your IT professional first.

Not all fields are required and you can set whether or not you would like to receive a copy of the sent email by checking the BCC Sent Receipt checkbox. You can also choose the name in which to send the emails, this will avoid any confusion for your customers or suppliers.

Once you have filled out the information you can then test to see if Fishbowl is sending emails using the Send Test button. If you receive an error, please ensure you have configured the email settings correctly and test again. If you are certain that the settings are correct please contact your IT professional to ensure that the email you are sending is configured to send emails.

If the test works but a supplier or a customer does not receive an email, have them check their spam or clutter folders, and ensure that their IT Professional whitelists your email address if your emails are being blocked or rejected.

Per User Email

The settings will be the same for this email as the company wide email settings but will overwrite these settings for the user that is logged into Fishbowl. This is useful if you wish to send emails from different addresses for different stages of your business. This can include sending emails from Sales to confirm online orders and another email that confirms that the order has been dispatched.

To setup the per user email settings, go to the Tools dropdown menu and select Program Options. Then select the Email tab and fill out the required information. On both the Company Wide email and the Per User email you have the ability to use custom email templates to pre fill basic information and layout.

Customisable Email Templates

In Fishbowl you can have emails prepopulate basic information including Order Number, Date, Bill to Name, and more. Also pre fill the subject line and whom the email is being sent to, and here is a full list of information and basic templates for each possible email template in Fishbowl. In the latest versions of Fishbowl (post Fishbowl 16.11), you can use HTML Markup in order to create emails that match your company’s branding. These emails can be created by web designer or by the talented marketing person at Fishbowl and can be made to almost any specification.

If you want a customised email template or have a question, do not hesitate to call the office on 1300 785 755 in Australia and 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.