From the Desk of Simon Jupe: Sunset Policy

Fishbowl Inventory Australia sunset policy

As we move further into 2018, it’s a great time to look back and see the evolution and continual improvement of Fishbowl during its time here in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

In addition to new features and software improvements that have been released over the years, we have loved working with the thousands of Fishbowl users, across many diverse industries, since our beginning.  As a team, we are extremely proud of Fishbowl, what it continues to become, and how we are able to utilise the ongoing development of Fishbowl to meet your business needs.

Our mantra has always been to put our clients first by providing fast, reliable service and support to every one of our clients.  We realise how integral Fishbowl is to the daily operations of your business and we truly enjoy working with each and every one of you.

As our client base continues to grow, we need to ensure that we can continue to provide the best level of service for you moving forward.  With this in mind, Fishbowl will now fall in line with our US counterparts and we will implement a Sunset Policy for support, custom report writing and custom integrations for the Fishbowl product range. This will ensure that our support for you is kept up to date and that your business benefits from the latest efficiencies within the Fishbowl software, as well as the tools and features we now offer.

The sunset policy will come into effect on the 1st of July 2018. From that date forward the Fishbowl team will only be able to support the last two years software releases i.e. if Fishbowl 2018 is the current version, then we will support Fishbowl 2017 and Fishbowl 2018 (including all monthly releases on each version).

Most clients are already on Software Maintenance or a Subscription license, so for most of you this will mean no change at all.  For the small number of clients that may still be running on an old version of Fishbowl (2016 or earlier), it may mean you need to look at joining Software Maintenance so that we can continue to support your needs.  We will ensure that if you do need to update, then our team will make it as easy as possible for you.  This means we will have one of our Support Team schedule and upgrade your software to the current release of Fishbowl, free of charge (usually $195 excl. gst).

As a team we are committed to continuing to help your business grow and thrive. As part of this, we believe that the ongoing development of our product range by utilising constantly improving technology, will assist us in delivering this to you, our clients.

If you want to check the value of being up to date on Fishbowl, or are curious as to the number of software updates, changes and improvements we release every month, then check out all our release notes for Fishbowl here. Of course, if you would like to discuss our Sunset Policy further, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or one of our team.

Fishbowl 2016.1 Inventory Software Now Available

This week we are celebrating the release of Fishbowl 2016.1.

Fishbowl inventory management software 2016.1 now available

The latest version of the Fishbowl inventory management software brings with some exciting new changes, as well as a host of new features including the Plugin Manager module and Fishbowl Time and Labour integration. These changes can be found in both Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing editions of the software

One of the most exciting new features is the Plugin Manager, with this Fishbowl users will have access to plugins that can enhance the Fishbowl experience, simplify processes and get more inventory and sales data than ever before.

Available plugins* in the Fishbowl 2016.1 release are the Sales Data module, which shows a detailed breakdown of sales on an interactive world map. Also available is the Forecasting module, which uses current Fishbowl data to allow to predict sales, quantity and cost trends.  Also available is the Xero integration view module, which allows to view and access all your accounting information directly within Fishbowl. To see a list of all the available plugins for Fishbowl 2016.1, visit the Release Notes page on the Fishbowl Wiki HERE.

To streamline workflow, Fishbowl 2016.1 includes colour co-ordinated buttons across all modules, making moving through your everyday processes faster and easier. This intuitive new change in user interface design allows for new and current users of Fishbowl to quickly learn business processes, streamline workflow within Fishbowl and navigate with ease.

Fishbowl Time and Labour is a web-based time clock software designed for your modern business. This browser based app works on any device you already own and integrates directly with Fishbowl 2016.1 as well as Reckon Accounts and Xero. This integration means for each work order that has been started in Fishbowl, a project will be created in Fishbowl Time and Labour. When employees clock in, they can select the work order/project that they will be working on. These labour hours will be added to the work order in Fishbowl, allowing for an accurate calculation of the work order labour cost.  Alternatively, Fishbowl Time and Labour can be used independently from Fishbowl for your staff to clock in and clock off from work.  You can then send their timesheets directly to Xero or Reckon Accounts for payroll processing

If you want to learn more about Fishbowl 2016.1 or Fishbowl Time and Labour please contact our office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand to speak to one of team members today.

You can also see the new features in action by downloading a 14-Day trial of Fishbowl 2016.1 or have one of our Inventory Software Specialists guide you through a personalised web demo by signing up here.  For Fishbowl Time and Labour you can sign up for a free trial at
*Please note that some of the plugins available for Fishbowl 2016.1 are available for purchase and other plugins may be available for free.

Let Us Help You – Fishbowl Inventory Management Software Support

inventory management software supportSome software companies outsource their software support to call centers as a way to save money, but Fishbowl Australia and Fishbowl New Zealand has always had an in-house support team. In fact, most of our entire company’s staff are dedicated to customer support and training. That’s a staggering investment into customer service.

Why do we do this? Because we want to be agile and quick on our feet when responding to our customers’ questions and concerns. When you’re using Fishbowl and you come across something confusing, you can quickly get in touch with someone on our support team to help you figure it out.

Support Services

Current Fishbowl customers have access to several support tools:

Fishbowl Phone Support – Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (AEST)
After-Hours Support – Any time by logging into our Support Portal with GoToAssist where you can find our Knowledge Base for troubleshooting
On-Site Training – Schedule a Fishbowl expert to come to your office and help you get everything up and running and your staff trained on the software right from the start or if you want your company to have a refresher course in Fishbowl processes.

Free Support Resources

You don’t even need to be a Fishbowl customer to take advantage of these free resources on the Fishbowl website:

Fishbowl Wiki
Training Videos
There is a wealth of information contained in just those two places. Check them out!

Let Us Give You A Hand!

Fishbowl continues to strive for excellence in its wide range of inventory management and manufacturing products and its customer service. Let us help you today by contacting our support team, if you’re a current customer, or by signing up for an online demo of our software, if you’re interested in learning more.

Making a Healthier Business – Multi-Currency – Part 10

Are you ready for the 10th and final part of this series on how to have a healthier business? I sure hope so because we are about to get started with a discussion of the importance of Multi-currency.

What Is Multi-Currency?

Multi-Currency refers to, of course, more than one monetary denomination. Many businesses work with more than one currency.

For example, a business has a home currency, which they use for tax purposes, calculating total revenue, totaling expenses, and so forth. But they also may have vendors in other countries that use different currencies, such as euros, rubles, and pounds. Not only that, they also sell products to international customers who pay in whatever currency their country uses.

How does a company reconcile all of these currencies to make sure their financial numbers are all accurate? We’ll talk about that next.

How to Do Multi-Currency Conversion

To handle multiple currencies, you need a powerful inventory management solution, such as Fishbowl. Fishbowl helps by:

Having a Currency module to set conversion rates
Setting a home currency for you to convert other currencies into
Allowing you to use multi-currency features in sales orders and purchase orders
Integrating with QuickBooks and exporting numbers to it in your home currency
Reconciling orders in any currency you like
By converting all of your vendors’ bills and customers’ orders into the same currency, you avoid potential discrepancies and confusion that can arise from working with numerous currencies.

Fishbowl’s multi-currency features make it much easier for companies to do business on a global basis. Whether you work with one other country or dozens of countries, it is extremely important to have an inventory management solution that can handle your monetary needs.

And just like that, we have reached the end of this series! Here are links to the other nine parts:

Inventory Management
Cycle Counting
Supply Chain Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Tracking
Software Integration
Pick Pack and Ship

Next week will be a quick revision of all 10 parts and a look at the most important questions!


Let’s return to Return Merchandise Authorizations. Last week this inventory management software blog looked at flexible RMA solution. This time I’ll talk about why it should integrate with your inventory management software and other solutions.integration_inventory-management-software

Once again, I’ll focus on how Fishbowl’s RMA module helps in the return process. Fishbowl’s integration of its RMA with the rest of its inventory management functions allows you to:

  • Immediately update your inventory records when you accept returns
  • Not have to enter the same numbers in several different places, saving time, increasing productivity, and eliminating data-entry errors

Here are a number of modules and solutions that Fishbowl’s RMA module integrates with to speed up returns and limit data-entry problems:

Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

After an RMA is created, Fishbowl generates an SO to facilitate the return process. If you need to get a replacement or substitute product to a customer, you can also quickly generate a PO in Fishbowl and cross ship the new item while the defective one is still in transit to your facility.

Work Orders

Fishbowl Manufacturing can generate work orders for a variety of purposes, for repairs, replacements, or whatever else is needed.

Quality Management

You can keep track of all of your vendors with Fishbowl. And you can generate reports on RMAs and other things, which can help you to notice trends in returns on products provided by a certain vendor. Fishbowl also has custom fields, which come in really handy in cases like this. You can create a custom field to keep track of a product’s expected quality level.

Accounting Software

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks. After an SO is created, Fishbowl sends a message to QuickBooks, telling it to update its accounts payable and accounts receivable, as necessary.


Fishbowl has a new workforce management solution for exactly this kind of thing. It’s called Fishbowl Workforce, and it helps with keeping track of employee hours, payroll, commissions, and more.

Inventory Management

This is Fishbowl’s specialty. Fishbowl can help you restock, receive, pick, pack, ship, or scrap inventory involved in an RMA, among other things.


Fishbowl integrates with Salesforce, so salespeople can see when orders are being fulfilled and also how the return process is progressing.

Fishbowl’s RMA module is part of a larger inventory management solution that also integrates with QuickBooks, Salesforce, and numerous other software solutions and apps. With Fishbowl, you can quickly update SOs, POs, WOs, accounting records, payroll and commissions, inventory records, and your CRM when you process a return.

Come back next week for the final part of this three-part series: The importance of converting information from RMAs into detailed reports.

These blog posts are based on an excellent article from Find Accounting Software and Robert Lockard from the Fishbowl US team. I definitely recommend checking it out.