What you need to know about Fishbowl Time & Labor

What you must know about Fishbowl Time & Labor

Fishbowl Time & Labor is an online time-clock solution that integrates seamlessly with either Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse. Watch the video, as it will go through and explain many of the core features of Fishbowl Time & Labor. To learn more you can visit the documentation here.

Fishbowl Time & Labor’s features include the ability to:

  • Clock in from anywhere, and on any device
  • Keep track of employee breaks
  • Switch between projects
  • Calculate employee overtime
  • Monitor paid time off
  • Export payroll information

Check out the video above and you will get a good idea of how Fishbowl Time & Labor can be a useful tool for your business, and remember there is a no obligation, 30 day free trial available here.

Fishbowl Workforce: Whiteboard Wednesday Video

Check out this Whiteboard Wednesday video with James Shores, looking at the simplest way to manage time and simplify your payrolls in Reckon Accounts.

Time Management in the Cloud

fishbowl workforce cloud based time clock management
Workforce management doesn’t have to be a work chore. Watch the video below to learn about how you can make it easier to track employees’ time clocks, overtime, payroll, jobs/projects, and more with a cloud based online solution.

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Inventory and Manufacturing Management Software New Handy Hints Videos

Here are some new handy hint videos that will take an overview on what inventory management software and manufacturing software can do for your business and how simple yet deep the Fishbowl advanced inventory system is.

Manufacturing Management Software Handy Hints

Inventory Management Software Handy Hints

Save Time with Inventory Management Software

Another great article from Robert Lockard and video from the Whiteboard Wednesday team from Fishbowl Inventory in the United States.

You’re late! Do you have no concept of time?

There are only so many hours in the day, and it’s impossible to add more time. But in spite of this limitation, you can still save time by being more efficient in your everyday activities.

For example, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers can use inventory management software to cut down on the time they spend checking inventory levels, reordering parts and products, and doing other tasks that take a long time to do by hand.

In the following Whiteboard Wednesday video, James Shores delves deeper into how inventory management software saves companies time.