Fishbowl GO: Barcoding technology at your fingertips

Fishbowl GO is an App that runs on your Android or Apple devices (barcode scanners/mobile phones/tablets), for warehouse barcode scanning.
Finally experience the freedom and accuracy of managing your inventory directly from the warehouse floor.

Watch how Fishbowl Go can solve your slow P.P.S. problems

What is Fishbowl Go?

Fishbowl GO helps you to avoid time-wasting manual data entry and human error, while increasing speed and accuracy of your inventory data. Quickly scan, swipe or tap your barcode scanner, tablet or phone to perform key inventory and manufacturing jobs throughout your warehouse.

Fishbowl GO’s easy to use interface means staff can quickly Scan Barcodes to Receive in stock, Pick orders, Pack them, and Ship them out the door.

As well, Fishbowl GO can complete Work Orders, Move and Add Inventory, retrieve Part Information and complete Cycle Counts for easy, accurate Stocktakes on the GO.

Settings Available for Fishbowl Go

Scan Barcodes

Simpy use the camera on your Apple or Android device to scan with the Fishbowl GO app, or if you need more rugged hardware for a busy warehouse, you can use more heavy duty barcode scanners that can withstand being dropped, or used in cold areas for food manufacturers.

Scan your barcodes on stock items, including barcodes that you have printed from Fishbowl directly, for location labels, finished goods, parts, products, work orders, and more.

Cycle Counts

Easily cycle inventory items in/out by scanning barcoded items individually, or even input quantities directly onto the screen. Fishbowl GO also takes the headache out of keeping up with regular rolling stocktakes, or even the larger end of financial year stocktake, ensuring there is no downtime and your warehouse is always moving and up to date.


Simply scan a barcode in the Fishbowl GO app and receive your stock into the warehouse as it arrives, make adjustments to quantities received, and enter the tracking information, all in real-time. Whether your tracking data is serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers, revision levels, Expiry Dates, custom data or a combination, Fishbowl GO makes it easier than ever. Fishbowl GO will make your warehouse staff process more efficient by suggesting where to place your incoming inventory.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

Take the paper out of your Picking, Packing and Shipping process and make your warehouse more efficient (and accurate), than ever!
Start and finish a customer’s order right from your handheld device without the need to print a Picking Slip. Fishbowl GO will guide staff through the warehouse along the fastest route while they complete the order. Combine multiple orders and pick them simultaneously, finishing Sales Orders, Work Orders, Transfer Orders, and Vendor Returns, packing and shipping them quicker than ever.

Work Orders

Finish Work Orders directly from Fishbowl GO – when you open an order it will direct you to pick the raw goods needed to finish the build. Once the Work Order is completed, you can add the finished goods that will be produced and the quantity, which can be adjusted if needed. Enter in any tracking information that is required and the Work Order is fulfilled, couldn’t be easier.

Move and Add Inventory

Using part and location barcodes you can do a ‘Move’ of stock between locations by scanning the starting location, the item, and the final location where it is being moved to. Adding new inventory items is just as easy, simply scan the location the item is going, then the item itself, and finally key in the quantity. Job done!

Retrieve Part Information 

Need detailed information on a Part, including part number, description, unit of measure, UPC, location, quantity in stock per location? Simply scan the barcode on the Part and get a full overview. You can even print barcodes using the print button and update the associated image and UPC code.

Try Fishbowl GO for free

Download the Fishbowl GO app from Google Play or the App Store on a compatible device, integrate with Fishbowl Warehouse or Fishbowl Manufacturing (including trial versions), and get an overview over the power of wireless barcode scanning technology.

If you want to see all the features of Fishbowl GO in action, we can even set up an online demo and go over any questions you have.

Fishbowl Go Google Play Store Fishbowl Go Apple App Store

How to set up and use Fishbowl GO

Fishbowl GO is an app that works on any mobile device and scanner with the Android operating system. It’s a great fit for manufacturers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, retailers, and other organisations.

It allows you to use a smartphone, tablet or scanner to:

  • Scan barcodes
  • Assign UPCs to parts
  • Cycle count inventory
  • Pick, pack, and ship products
  • Receive inventory into a warehouse
  • Track orders
  • Check part information

Learn more about how Fishbowl GO works and how to set it up by watching the tutorial video above.

BIG Questions to Ask Before Choosing Inventory Control Software

To be more confident in your choice of which inventory software suits your company’s needs, answer these BIG questions first. Thanks to Robert Lockard for this list.

The BIG Questions About Inventory Management Software


Do I Need Inventory Management Software?

This is the biggest question to ask yourself before making your decision on which inventory management software you want.

If your company is seeing an increase in order taking and the task of keeping on top of your customer orders is becoming overwhelming and/or if you have outgrown your financial control system as your inventory control solution then now might be the time to invest in inventory management software. If you are a small start up company with only a few inventory management needs, then maybe waiting a little longer wont hurt.

What Features Would Help My Business Run More Efficiently?

If you decide that it is the right time for your business to upgrade to inventory management software, you have to ask yourself where is your business hurting in relation to inventory management control and how inventory management software would help run your business better.

An example of how your business could run better is bar code scanners, and how they can speed up and increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, picking, packing and shipping stock. Inventory Tracking Software allows you to track and manage inventory across multiple warehouses. There are many needs that inventory management software can fill, and many challenges your business faces everyday that it can solve. You just need to look at your business and see what these needs and challenges are.

What Is My Budget?

If you need inventory management software, you need it to fit into your budget. Small businesses have limited resources and need to get the most value from their purchases.

This calls back to the previous question, if the software is affordable, but lacks key features you need to make your business run smoother, it is going to cost more in the long run. This will add up when you have to replace your software, what you need is software that will grow with your business and fulfill all the business needs now, and in the future.

Is There A Steep Learning Curve To The Software?

You could have the most beautiful software, but if it isn’t user friendly or is hard to learn, then it is not going to help your business succeed.

You also need the right training and support to get the most out of your inventory management software, are you provided with online training sessions, can you easily organise a training session, can you have a step by step implementation of the software and is the company providing the software, also the ones to support it? Make sure to ask these questions of the distributor of the inventory software you are looking at.

Moving Forward

Write down your responses to these questions, talk about your responses with the other decision makers in your company, and then move forward with confidence! You can sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl Inventory right now to see if it’s the right inventory management software for your business.

Inventory Management Software Tricks and Treats

inventory_tricksThis Halloween avoid ghoulish inventory and manufacturing process pratfalls by following a few tips from our Inventory Specialists here at Fishbowl Australia. Hopefully this list will make it easier to manage your stock and warehouse more efficiently.

The first tip is to ensure that all stock that arrives to your warehouse is placed into your system in a timely matter, trying not leave stock on your warehouse floor for too long. This will avoid any unnecessary re-ordering of stock and will make sure that when a customer wants an item you will have it on the shelf.

Another great tip is if you find that the warehouse is placing the wrong products in the system, it might be time to invest in a barcode scanner. This will improve accuracy in the stock placed on the shelves, as well as being able to track items and will make it easier when stocktake time rolls around.

For a full range on tips, tricks and how to get the most out of your inventory visit the wiki here. If you have any other questions or want to see Fishbowl Inventory in action, do not hesitate to call the office on 1300 785 755 and speak with one of our inventory specialists or visit our full site at