What Are You Looking For When It Comes To Warehouse Management Software?

Software Connect is a company that has spent the last 22 years helping companies find software right for their business needs. Software Connects latest Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends is now available, and it takes a good look into what Warehouse Management Software purchasers are looking for. The report has gathered data from nearly 120 Warehouse Management Software buyers recorded over the course of the last two years. The industries represented in the report are distributors of durable and non-durable goods, made-for-stock and job shop manufacturers, food and beverage distributors, medical distributors, and transportation. Let’s dive right into the report and have a look at some major talking points:

Warehouse Management Software Software Connect 2018 report

Motivating Factors

Warehouse management software buyers are looking for software for a variety of different reasons. We’ll go through each of the reasons given in the report and show how Fishbowl Warehouse is a great solution for each of them.

Need More/Better Features (39 Percent) – This is a major reason for buying software it seems, and Fishbowl really shines here. Check out the list of Fishbowl Warehouse features, and see for yourself if it fits the bill. You will probably find that it is exactly the kind of thing you are looking for.

Replace a Dated System (20 Percent) – Fishbowl offers advanced warehouse management features, which can grow with your business so you can keep using it for many years instead of learning a new system every few years. The development of Fishbowl makes sure it is feature rich with new tools that businesses actually need, with new releases at least once a month.

Automate Existing Process(es) (16 Percent) – Fishbowl is a business automation platform, allowing you to set up auto reorder points and much more to automate all sorts of business processes. This includes connecting Fishbowl to your website to show your customers live inventory levels, to automating manufacturing workflow, streamlined reorder, sales, and purchasing processes and much more.

Need Better Integration with Another System (11 Percent) – Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with a number of desktop versions of Reckon Accounts, Xero as well as QuickBooks Online with Boxstorm, and that’s just scratching the surface of its many software and hardware integrations that go way beyond accounting connections.

Improve Efficiency (8 Percent) – Fishbowl gives you and your employees the tools to make even more efficient use of your time in the warehouse.

Consolidate Multiple Systems (8 Percent) – In addition to Warehouse Management Software, Fishbowl offers manufacturing, barcoding, shipping, eCommerce, point of sale, server hosting, and online time clock solutions that all integrate with each other for a fully featured warehouse ecosystem.

Improve Accuracy (7 Percent) – You can perform cycle counts and instantly update inventory records with the scan of a barcode with Fishbowl Go. Plus, Fishbowl’s integration with Reckon Accounts and Xero ensures your accounting records perfectly reflect all changes you make to your inventory system.

Reckon Account Users

One quarter of Warehouse Management Software buyers are looking to replace Reckon Accounts. To break it down further, 16 percent are replacing Reckon Accounts Enterprise and a further 9 percent are replacing other versions of the software. With Fishbowl, these buyers can keep using Reckon Accounts for their accounting while integrating it with Fishbowl to add all sorts of advanced inventory management features that link directly to their financial records.

Single or Multiple Locations

Forty-six percent of Warehouse Management Software buyers (the biggest proportion of the bunch) have one warehouse, 28 percent have two warehouses, 9 percent have three warehouses, 4 percent have four warehouses, and 13 percent have five or more warehouses. Fishbowl is ideal for all of these setups. If you have one warehouse, you can use Fishbowl to manage inventory in that location. If you have two or more warehouses, you can monitor sales and ordering trends at each one and quickly create transfer orders to send goods between locations if one is running low on certain items while another has a surplus.


There is no question which method of inventory tracking Warehouse Management Software buyers prefer. A whopping 73 percent want barcoding while just 7 percent want RFID. With a combination of Fishbowl Go and Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse, you can generate barcodes, print them, and scan them to help you keep track of all of your inventory items. In fact, Fishbowl offers a free Barcode Generator that you can use right now to create as many barcodes as you like for your parts and products.

Good News to Report

There is a lot of good news in Software Connect’s report on Warehouse Management Software buyers. If you are looking for Warehouse Management Software that can meet your needs both now and in the future, allow you to stay with Reckon Accounts, manage inventory in multiple locations, and give you access to barcode inventory tracking, look no further than Fishbowl. It can fit just fine within your budget and save you a lot of time and money as you see your warehouse efficiency go through the roof!

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save 20% on Fishbowl inventory software

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It is now even easier to take control of your inventory in 2017 with a massive 20% off Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing. The Fishbowl range of products automate everyday warehouse processes, allowing you to set up stock reorder points, custom pricing rules for customers, and automatically create purchase orders, meaning you will never miss out on a sale again and avoid dreaded stock outs.

What If I have a manufacturing based workflow?

Don’t worry, Fishbowl can also help you take control of your manufacturing processes, with the ability to automate complex, multistage bills of materials with ease. Fishbowl does not stop at manufacturing however, with our vast range of integrations you can take orders from your website and have the sales order in Fishbowl, make sales on the road with Jobsync, and also have a complete barcode scanning solution at your fingertips with Fishbowl GO.

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What you need to know about Fishbowl GO

fishbowl go must know

Feeling unfulfilled in your order management? You might be suffering from Poor Pick Pack Ship, or Slow P.P.S. It’s time to beat the boxing blues and start getting the orders flowing with Fishbowl Go!

Fishbowl Go isn’t a medicinal remedy, but it definitely provides a lot of relief to companies struggling to handle an increasing amount of inventory in their warehouses.

The video above has its tongue firmly pressed to its cheek, but Fishbowl Go is seriously a fantastic barcoding and warehouse management solution for your business. Check out the video, and get that pesky slow P.P.S. out of your system… your warehouse management system, that is.

This post comes from Robert Lockard at the Fishbowl U.S.A office.

7 Must-Do’s for a Better Stocktake

Inventory management stocktake hints

Happy End of Financial Year from Fishbowl

Next month is the end of the financial year, and from all of us here at Fishbowl we hope you have had a prosperous year to date.

To make sure that your end of year stocktake is as clean and efficient as possible we have put together a quick list of must do’s. If you are a current Fishbowl customer, also following your end of month (EOM) checklist is very beneficial.

If you would like more information or need another copy of your EOM checklist please give the Fishbowl office a call on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

Tidiness is next to Godliness

1.The best way to start a stocktake is to ensure that your stock location is tidy, you know which stock is yours and is clearly labelled and any stock that is different locations or held in consignment is accounted for and checked thoroughly.

Heads down, bums up

2. This may come off a little heavy handed, but it is imperative that stock counts are done correctly. Where possible try to avoid the radio, or have music playing that is intended for deep focus. Also making sure that employees are not distracted by mobile phones, tablets, personal mp3 music players or unrelated chatting amongst themselves. If this is done properly you will be rewarded with a more accurate stock count, and could possible reward the people counting stock as you see fit, at a later date to avoid any guilt or complaints.

Right tools for the job

3. The right tools for the job are very important when it comes to completing an accurate stocktake. Ensure that you have clipboards to keep all necessary paperwork, including count and write off sheets, available at all times, plenty of pencils and erasers, or different coloured pens to ensure counts, and recounts are recorded properly. Also having calculators on hand to avoid human error is essential.

Eradicate, eradicate: Human error

4. Following on from the right tools for the job, using Fishbowl GO for your stocktake definitely helps avoid human error, by being able to scan each product individually for an accurate stock count, and avoiding double data entry by not having to enter information into spreadsheets and having to upload that data manually, with Fishbowl GO that data will be entered live from the warehouse floor.

Keep your records up-to-date

5. Update your records once you have an accurate stock count, this should definitely be completed before trading again. If this is not possible for your company, maybe try using a rolling stocktake and only do product sections that match your time and the amount of employees able to do stocktake.

Have your stocktake match your business

6. Different types of stocktake will be suitable for different types of business, those in fresh product may need to do daily or weekly stocktake, or if you sell low volume your company may be able to do quarterly stocktakes. Fishbowl has a end of month checklist as well to ensure that all of your process and records match inside of Fishbowl and your accounting package.

It’s too late to say sorry

7. When Justin Bieber performs his hit song “Sorry”, I don’t think he is referring to stocktaking, but his message still rings true, if you don’t have accurate numbers it will be too late to be sorry. Checking and rechecking discrepancies is vital to ensure your stock is accurate, and this will help avoid lost sales due to unforeseen stockouts or costly overstocking.

Following these must do’s will help you have a more success stocktake this financial year, if you have any questions don’t hesitate call the office on 1300 785 755 in Australia, or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

How to set up and use Fishbowl GO

Fishbowl GO is an app that works on any mobile device and scanner with the Android operating system. It’s a great fit for manufacturers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, retailers, and other organisations.

It allows you to use a smartphone, tablet or scanner to:

  • Scan barcodes
  • Assign UPCs to parts
  • Cycle count inventory
  • Pick, pack, and ship products
  • Receive inventory into a warehouse
  • Track orders
  • Check part information

Learn more about how Fishbowl GO works and how to set it up by watching the tutorial video above.