What Are You Looking For When It Comes To Warehouse Management Software?

Software Connect is a company that has spent the last 22 years helping companies find software right for their business needs. Software Connects latest Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends is now available, and it takes a good look into what Warehouse Management Software purchasers are looking for. The report has gathered data from nearly 120 Warehouse Management Software buyers recorded over the course of the last two years. The industries represented in the report are distributors of durable and non-durable goods, made-for-stock and job shop manufacturers, food and beverage distributors, medical distributors, and transportation. Let’s dive right into the report and have a look at some major talking points:

Warehouse Management Software Software Connect 2018 report

Motivating Factors

Warehouse management software buyers are looking for software for a variety of different reasons. We’ll go through each of the reasons given in the report and show how Fishbowl Warehouse is a great solution for each of them.

Need More/Better Features (39 Percent) – This is a major reason for buying software it seems, and Fishbowl really shines here. Check out the list of Fishbowl Warehouse features, and see for yourself if it fits the bill. You will probably find that it is exactly the kind of thing you are looking for.

Replace a Dated System (20 Percent) – Fishbowl offers advanced warehouse management features, which can grow with your business so you can keep using it for many years instead of learning a new system every few years. The development of Fishbowl makes sure it is feature rich with new tools that businesses actually need, with new releases at least once a month.

Automate Existing Process(es) (16 Percent) – Fishbowl is a business automation platform, allowing you to set up auto reorder points and much more to automate all sorts of business processes. This includes connecting Fishbowl to your website to show your customers live inventory levels, to automating manufacturing workflow, streamlined reorder, sales, and purchasing processes and much more.

Need Better Integration with Another System (11 Percent) – Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with a number of desktop versions of Reckon Accounts, Xero as well as QuickBooks Online with Boxstorm, and that’s just scratching the surface of its many software and hardware integrations that go way beyond accounting connections.

Improve Efficiency (8 Percent) – Fishbowl gives you and your employees the tools to make even more efficient use of your time in the warehouse.

Consolidate Multiple Systems (8 Percent) – In addition to Warehouse Management Software, Fishbowl offers manufacturing, barcoding, shipping, eCommerce, point of sale, server hosting, and online time clock solutions that all integrate with each other for a fully featured warehouse ecosystem.

Improve Accuracy (7 Percent) – You can perform cycle counts and instantly update inventory records with the scan of a barcode with Fishbowl Go. Plus, Fishbowl’s integration with Reckon Accounts and Xero ensures your accounting records perfectly reflect all changes you make to your inventory system.

Reckon Account Users

One quarter of Warehouse Management Software buyers are looking to replace Reckon Accounts. To break it down further, 16 percent are replacing Reckon Accounts Enterprise and a further 9 percent are replacing other versions of the software. With Fishbowl, these buyers can keep using Reckon Accounts for their accounting while integrating it with Fishbowl to add all sorts of advanced inventory management features that link directly to their financial records.

Single or Multiple Locations

Forty-six percent of Warehouse Management Software buyers (the biggest proportion of the bunch) have one warehouse, 28 percent have two warehouses, 9 percent have three warehouses, 4 percent have four warehouses, and 13 percent have five or more warehouses. Fishbowl is ideal for all of these setups. If you have one warehouse, you can use Fishbowl to manage inventory in that location. If you have two or more warehouses, you can monitor sales and ordering trends at each one and quickly create transfer orders to send goods between locations if one is running low on certain items while another has a surplus.


There is no question which method of inventory tracking Warehouse Management Software buyers prefer. A whopping 73 percent want barcoding while just 7 percent want RFID. With a combination of Fishbowl Go and Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse, you can generate barcodes, print them, and scan them to help you keep track of all of your inventory items. In fact, Fishbowl offers a free Barcode Generator that you can use right now to create as many barcodes as you like for your parts and products.

Good News to Report

There is a lot of good news in Software Connect’s report on Warehouse Management Software buyers. If you are looking for Warehouse Management Software that can meet your needs both now and in the future, allow you to stay with Reckon Accounts, manage inventory in multiple locations, and give you access to barcode inventory tracking, look no further than Fishbowl. It can fit just fine within your budget and save you a lot of time and money as you see your warehouse efficiency go through the roof!

Fishbowl Named “Best Warehouse Management System for QuickBooks Users”

Fishbowl best warehouse management software

Explore WMS recently researched and created a list of Five of the best WMS for single warehouse operations, and Fishbowl sits at the top of that list. Each of the warehouse management solutions they included on their list was focused on a different area, and Fishbowl’s main strength is that it is an ideal solution for QuickBooks (Reckon Accounts in Australia and New Zealand) users.

That should come as no surprise to people that are already familiar with the software. Here at Fishbowl we have been talking about this for years, but it doesn’t hurt one bit to jog our memory about why Fishbowl is so popular among small and mid-sized businesses that use Reckon Accounts for their accounting.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why Fishbowl is the best warehouse management system for Reckon Accounts users.


  • Is the NUMBER ONE selling manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks in the USA
  • Was one of the first Intuit Gold Developers, and has remained one for more than a decade
  • Integrates seamlessly with all desktop versions of Reckon Accounts (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)
  • Integration to QuickBooks Online will be coming to Australia and New Zealand soon
  • Eliminates double data entry by automatically updating the accounting records
  • Offers multi-currency conversions that integrate directly to Reckon Accounts
  • Allows small businesses to stay with Reckon Accounts for many years, instead of switching to an expensive, overly complicated ERP system.

See for yourself why Fishbowl is the best warehouse management system for Reckon Accounts by signing up for a free trial!

This post originally comes from Robert Lockard, of the Fishbowl USA Team.

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What If I have a manufacturing based workflow?

Don’t worry, Fishbowl can also help you take control of your manufacturing processes, with the ability to automate complex, multistage bills of materials with ease. Fishbowl does not stop at manufacturing however, with our vast range of integrations you can take orders from your website and have the sales order in Fishbowl, make sales on the road with Jobsync, and also have a complete barcode scanning solution at your fingertips with Fishbowl GO.

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4 Ways to Maximise Your Warehouse Production

This post comes from Anita Oaks from the Fishbowl US team.

maximise warehouse production

For many companies, their success is tied directly to their efficiency or lack thereof. One of the things that determines whether or not a company is an efficiently run business is its warehouse production processes.

These processes can make the difference between a company making a healthy profit or going into the red. With that in mind, below are four ways to maximise your warehouse production processes.

1. Pay for Productivity

To create a productive production process, you are going to need productive employees above all else. While we would hope all employees would strive to be as productive as possible while on the clock, that is not always the case. While supervisors can keep a tab on workers’ productivity, it’s an even better idea to provide a strong incentive for them to work hard. That way, employees will try to be productive for a reason.

Incentive-based pay is a proven strategy for increasing warehouse productivity. A warehouse’s picking and packing procedures are a good place to start in regards to implementing incentivized pay. However, put some thought and strategy into your incentivized pay program. You don’t want to be paying extra for productivity you would have regardless.

There has also been a lot of research into gamifying business procedures to incentivise workers. This can include having a level system where workers may unlock special benefits like a paid lunch or longer lunch once a week.

2. Choose the Right Partners

Having an efficient warehouse production process does not happen in a vacuum. Many other firms outside of that company must be involved. You need suppliers, distributors and other contractors involved in the process to make sure you have what you need to create and ship your products. You need to be able to form lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with such companies to achieve peak efficiency.

If you, however, choose a supplier that has issues with quality control or timeliness of shipments, it can certainly throw a wrench into your entire production process. Make sure to work with the best firms but also make sure who you choose is cost effective for your operations. If one partner doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to hire someone else. Even if you feel you are tied to a supplier, it does not hurt to get quotes or look outside your circle, especially if it is going to save you time and money.

3. Implement Customised Warehouse Software

Today, running a productive warehouse also means implementing the right technology. One of the most important pieces of warehouse tech you should deploy is a warehouse management software suite. Consider working with a company that can help you develop customised ERP software to meet your needs. If your warehouse supplies construction materials, for example, you may need features that address seasonal product procurement that don’t affect other industries.

Overall, having inventory software, including Fishbowl Warehouse or Fishbowl Manufacturing, should be designed around keeping track of inventory, orders, shipments, supplies and more. Such a system should be used to let management know exactly what you have on hand at all times and where it is located in the warehouse. When you run low on stock, the software should have the ability to automatically reorder stock to ensure that your production processes keep running smoothly without significant gaps.

4. Place a Strong Emphasis on Production Engineering

According to Forbes, lowering inventory to cover a business for three weeks as opposed to four can create savings as high as $65 million for certain companies. This is nothing to scoff at. However, making your warehouse production processes that much more efficient won’t happen on its own.

To make those kinds of savings a reality, you need to place a strong emphasis on production engineering to create warehouse processes that are that efficient. Amazon, for example, has become so advanced with its warehouse processes that many customer orders are now prepared by robot. While many companies can’t afford robotics, rethinking how your production process works with an eye towards improved efficiency and lower costs can certainly bear fruit for your company.

Efficiency is one of the keys to forming a competitive advantage as a business. Definitely obtain the tools you need to make your production processes more efficient. Don’t fear change, embrace it!

3 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management and You. Improving Business Through Better Communication and Improved Processes.

improve supply chain management

If your business was a body, then you could see the supply chain as the veins, carrying the necessary physical items and information to the correct sections and people of the business, like blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to your far reaching extremities. Supply chain management looks at these core sections of the business, the sales team, order management, sourcing and out sourcing of goods and information, storage, manufacturing, and logistics and improving the way information and goods flow between these links in your supply chain.

This blog will take a look at 3 ways that you can improve supply chain management processes and flow in your business.

1. My business is small, I don’t need to worry about supply chain management


This is a common misnomer for many small businesses, as any business has potential for growth. The way a business handles expansion, whether it be in sales, new locales or new products will determine the longevity and continued success toward the future. Looking at trends or systems in place by other, larger businesses is a great place to start.

2. Keeping Up With Trends

To stay competitive locally and globally, keeping up with best practice trends in your company’s field or supply chain management will ensure you stay impervious to be out-priced in the market place through poor and outdated supply chain management processes. This can also lead to improving customer loyalty and confidence in your brand by maintaining high levels of product quality while keeping production costs to a minimum. The latest and greatest trends may allow you to increase efficiency in areas of your business that you were not aware of, or initiating processes that will future proof your business against any vulnerabilities not yet rearing their ugly heads.

3. Better Process Integration

Facilitating the integration of different sections of your business into a more manageable workflow will allow for accountability of under performing sections of your business. Having a centralised system in place for all of the sections in your business can vastly improve communications, both physical and information based, as well as allow for ease of use and improve confidence and productivity from your workers. Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing were built from the ground up to make communication and workflow easier from one section of your business to another. From stock being received in, to alerting the team on the warehouse floor that back orders are ready to pick automatically, from setting reorder points based on historical data allowing for Purchase Orders being created automatically to avoiding stock outs and/or over stocking. From setting tracking information on received and manufactured goods, to using this detail for batch control and tracking best before, use by and any custom tracking information you need.

Call our office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand to organise a customised on line demonstration of the software and how easy it can simplify your supply chain management, or download a 14 day free trial, no credit card required, HERE.