At a Glance: Comparing Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts Enterprise Edition (Part 2: Manufacturing)

Last week we looked at Fishbowl inventory and manufacturing software and Reckon Accounts accounting software and their inventory abilities. Let’s continue looking at these two by comparing them both by going through their manufacturing features. This will throw the contrast between the two solutions into even greater relief than before because Fishbowl really shines in this area and brings a lot of tools to the table that can really help out manufacturers.

We will cover nine features involving work orders, manufacture orders, bill of materials, and other manufacturing aspects of these two software solutions. All these features are found in the Fishbowl Manufacturing software, and also include all the features that are found in  the Fishbowl Warehouse version. To determine which version is suited to your business’ needs contact the Fishbowl office toll-free on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand and speak with Kylie.

comparing Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts manufacturing features

Advanced Work Orders

Fishbowl: Work orders in Fishbowl Manufacturing can be used for assembly, disassembly, reverse, service, and repair work orders.

Reckon Accounts: There are no advanced work orders in Reckon Accounts for these types of jobs.

Custom Work Orders

Fishbowl: Create custom work orders from the Sales Order module in Fishbowl Manufacturing to quickly generate sales quotes and orders.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

Assigning Users to Work Orders

Fishbowl: Administrators can assign specific users to work orders to establish their responsibility for them.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

Production Stages

Fishbowl: Lot numbers can be tracked in great detail, drilling into subassemblies and production stages.

Reckon Accounts: Only single level assemblies can be created.

Manufacture Orders

Fishbowl: The Manufacture Order module makes it possible to set up sub-assemblies and production stages in a bill of materials and link them all together.

Reckon Accounts: You can just do simple assembly jobs, so you’ll need to create several of them to have the same effect.

Auto Manufacture Orders

Fishbowl: Automatically generate new manufacture orders with items found in the appropriate bill of materials.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

Auto Manufacture Order to Prevent Stockouts

Fishbowl: When finished products get too low in your inventory, they can trigger Fishbowl Manufacturing to automatically generate manufacture orders to make more.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

Custom Bill of Materials

Fishbowl: You can customise bills of materials by setting up option groups and variable quantities to save time and make price adjustments.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

One-Time-Use Items

Fishbowl: In a bill of materials, you can add one-time-use items which allows for more accurate costing with economy of scale production.

Reckon Accounts: This feature is unavailable in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

Next: Modules and Plugins

Come back next week for Part 3 to see a comparison of Fishbowl’s modules and plugins to Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

This post was originally written by Robert Lockard at Fishbowl in the US and has been edited to suit Australian and New Zealand audiences.

What to expect in Fishbowl 2017

In this post we are going to have a look at what to expect in Fishbowl 2017 for users of previous versions of the inventory and manufacturing software, as well as people looking for a complete warehouse solution. It is our biggest release yet and we are excited to get people

what to expect Fishbowl 2017

Upgrade to MySQL Database

Fishbowl is now using a MySQL database in the latest version to speed up processes and ensure the system is even more stable. This migration has been in the works for some time, and it will be exciting to see how much it helps Fishbowl’s customers and by how much it speeds up processes.

Fishbowl GO will work on iOS

Not only can you have a complete inventory and manufacturing solution on your computer and your network with Fishbowl 2017, you can have the complete barcode solution in the palm of your hand with Fishbowl GO on Android and now available on your iPhone or iPad.

The New Salesforce Plugin

Fishbowl will have a Salesforce plugin built into its interface. You won’t have to install anything; you can simply activate the plugin in Fishbowl to connect it to the popular CRM as long as you have a Salesforce account.

You can Import XLS and XLSX Files

Fishbowl has always allowed you to import data in the form of CSV files, and it even shows you how to format spreadsheets to ensure the information gets added correctly. It’s now adding XLS and XLSX files to the mix to make sure that data stays the same and is more convenient.

Add a Markup Percentage to Shipping Price

If you’re shipping your items by the carton, you’ll now be able to set a default markup percentage to their shipping price directly inside of Fishbowl.

Fishbowl 2017’s New Button Generates Multi-Level Bill of Materials Report

There’s going to be a shiny new button in the Bill of Materials module, which will allow you to create a multi-level bill of materials report. Very Nice and very easy.

Remember, these are just the highlights. There’s even more that you’ll find in the Fishbowl 2017.1 software release. Keep an eye out for it!

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save 20% on Fishbowl inventory software

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It is now even easier to take control of your inventory in 2017 with a massive 20% off Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing. The Fishbowl range of products automate everyday warehouse processes, allowing you to set up stock reorder points, custom pricing rules for customers, and automatically create purchase orders, meaning you will never miss out on a sale again and avoid dreaded stock outs.

What If I have a manufacturing based workflow?

Don’t worry, Fishbowl can also help you take control of your manufacturing processes, with the ability to automate complex, multistage bills of materials with ease. Fishbowl does not stop at manufacturing however, with our vast range of integrations you can take orders from your website and have the sales order in Fishbowl, make sales on the road with Jobsync, and also have a complete barcode scanning solution at your fingertips with Fishbowl GO.

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Fishbowl 2016.8 is Now Available

Now is the time to take your business to the next level

This week we saw the release of Fishbowl 2016.8, and with it came a couple of exciting new features including the ability to set expiration dates on quotes and sales orders, as well as access to more in depth database information from the database table tab.

Fishbowl inventory management software 2016.8 released

New Features

Days to expire is a new option in the Sales Order Module that will help keep your orders with a status of Estimate to a minimum. This option will change your old Estimates to “Expired” after a certain number of days has passed. The number of days can be set to whatever you need.

The new Tables tab in the Data Module can be used to see a list of all the tables, fields, and data in the Fishbowl databases. In this new tab, you can open a table in a separate window by double-clicking the table name.

Get your hands on Fishbowl

If you want to see these new features in action, you can organise a web demo or download a 14 day free trial to put Fishbowl through it’s paces here.

What You Need To Know About Food Production

food manufacturing software
Manufacturing Software Can Automate Daily Processes

The processing of food and beverages can require a lot of documentation for manufacturing and record keeping. Doing this incorrectly or not following industry regulations can lead to penalties, dissatisfied customers, expensive and wasted production runs and can up costing a company its livelihood.

There are a lot of things to consider when going into the food manufacturing business, these include how you can follow industry standards and regulations, minimise waste, how to keep track of ingredients  batches in finished goods, the finished goods themselves and important information, how to store the recipes and instructions and how much needs to be produced on a production run and when the run needs to be completed by.

Bill of Materials – Production Recipes

In order to keep track of what goes into a production run you should have a complete bill of materials. A bill of materials contains all of the information needed to complete your production run, this includes the amount, the specific units of measure, the levels of a multi stage work order, the steps to follow and any notes and safety procedures. You can think of this like a large recipe for your production run and the more accurate the information on a bill of material is, the more you will get from manufacturing software like Fishbowl.

Minimising Production and Food Waste

One of the major elements in the production of foodstuffs is ensuring that you get the most of your ingredients. Knowing how much you need to produce is only half the battle and manually working out how much of each ingredient can be a tedious task. Fishbowl Manufacturing automates this process through creating a manufacturing order from your bill of materials. You can enter the amount you need to produce and Fishbowl Manufacturing will workout the amount of ingredients through units of measure. Also you can use FIFO (first in first out) so that your oldest stock gets used first to further minimise waste. Once a production cycle has finished you can calculate the wastage to adjust the cost of the final product. Fishbowl Manufacturing also allows for expiry date tracking, use by date tracking, batch tracking and any other tracking that you can think of, all easily done through Fishbowl’s customisable tracking options. Also by the use of custom fields you can record data against each run like cooking temperatures or other Quality Assurance information that you wish to report on.

Traceability Through Tracking Options

Health regulations for food are very strict, as you would expect, to ensure the safety of the consumers. Many food types must be regulated through the batch tracking of the ingredients in case of a product recall. Fishbowl offers this through the ability to track the ingredients that have gone into a production cycle individually and then tracking which batch was shipped where, in order to as quickly as possible rectify the health or safety concerns. Fishbowl offers detailed forward and reverse reporting, allowing to look at an ingredient and see which batch it was used in or looking at a final production result and see which ingredients were used.

Download a Fishbowl Manufacturing trial today to see how your manufacturing processes can be improved.