The long and short(cuts) of inventory management software

You can us short cuts to manage your inventory faster!

Fishbowl inventory management software has a full range of handy short cuts to make workflow quicker and easier.

You probably use CTRL + Z & CMD + Z everyday to undo mistakes, or CTRL + S & CMD + S to save a document. Due to the nature of inventory management, Fishbowl is made up of over a dozen modules, all to fulfill various needs of stock control, manufacturing, and purchasing, just to name a few.

Each of these modules comes with it’s own set of unique hot keys. For instance , in the Inventory module you can simply hit CTRL + Y to afishbowl-short-cuts-and-hot-keysdjust inventory amounts. Also in the Product module you can hit CTRL + I to view the current inventory count of parts.

Here is a link to the full range of Fishbowl inventory software hot keys and short cuts. This link will open in a new page on the Fishbowl Wiki, which has a wealth of knowledge and hints that can streamline your everyday processes.

To make it even easier these keys are intuitive and patterned after familiar, already existent  short cuts. As an example, CTRL + N will create a new part, product and customer. All of this is dependant on the module that is being used.

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Alan-Dean Simonds

Alan-Dean Simonds works at Fishbowl Australia and makes sure that everyone is knowledgeable about the popular inventory management software for Reckon (formerly QuickBooks) users. Dean enjoys playing StarCraft II, creating 3D animations and watching movies.

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