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About Caddy Industrial Sales

Caddy Industrial Sales was founded in 1980, and is a Western Australian owned and operated company which has grown into the leading supplier of mechanical, electrical and pipe support systems in the state. Caddy have carved themselves out a niche market within the construction project industry by being able to have an ever expanding and specialised range of support systems.

Business Challenges & Needs

Caddy Industrial Sales have seen exponential growth of late, and they needed an inventory management system that would grow with their company. Caddy sources the support systems from across Europe and the United States of America and the business needed to implement an inventory software solution that could handle multi-currency, while being able to give accurate costing of stock the company had on hand.

At the same time, Caddy also wanted to improve inventory control and efficiency across all of their parts and products, as their previous system was not giving them the results that they required to keep the business running at an optimal level. The company was also having a plethora of issues with parts that had been imported to the warehouse and fabricated on-site, and the company could not accurately cost these prefabricated and manufactured products.

Due our substantial growth and sourcing products from overseas we needed an inventory program that would allow us to deal in multi-currency and also cost inventory more accurately.

Paul McVittie

Managing Director

The Solution

Caddy made the decision to implement Fishbowl Manufacturing, as the business manufactures goods on-site. The integration of Reckon Accounts and Fishbowl allowed Caddy to expand their existing software without the need to replace, which would be costly and time consuming exercise.

The Results

Caddy industrial Sales have seen substantial growth over the last two years and Fishbowl Manufacturing has ensured that the company has accurate costing and reporting, plus improved efficiency for inventory across the board. This has kept landed costs for all materials and costing margins highly accurate.

Caddy have also found that their entire manufacturing process is easier to manage through tracking of products through Bills of Materials and scheduling of Work Orders. Caddy also keeps their stock levels at a suitable and sustainable level with Fishbowl’s Reorder Point Calculator and Automatic Purchase Order Wizard. By setting the minimum and maximum stock levels, Caddy will always have the stock on hand they need for customers without losing stock efficiency. When this stock is received, Fishbowl’s Landed Costs Calculator will portion freight costs and calculating the exchange rate on parts received, giving a true landed cost.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 requested inventory management solution for Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) users, and it is also a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets. For Reckon Accounts users, it provides the same advanced features, flexibility and mobile inventory management control larger organizations enjoy. In addition, Fishbowl offers a growing number of business tools, including a Manufacturing Option, warehouse management software, point of sale solution, server hosting, e-commerce and mobile sales.

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