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colbar manufacturing case study

About Colbar QSR

Colbar QSR is an Australian owned company offering a full range of contract manufacturing and development services for personal care, garden and household products.

Business Challenges & Needs

With the increasing costs related to the existing ERP and inventory systems, both in terms of software and related hardware, we were looking for a solution targeted more towards the SME sized business rather than the multi-national. The solution we were looking for would provide the functionality required and the support services more tailored for owner operator businesses rather than report driven systems for stakeholders not actively involved.

The Solution

Through our research of suitable software we found that the combination of Fishbowl Inventory as the operational software with QuickBooks as the businesses back end accounting solution would meet our functionality needs while being at a price point that was much cheaper than other ERP solutions with similar functionality.

The Results

Apart from the cost base gains the most personally satisfying has been the acceptance of Fishbowl by other staff members within the business using the new system. From experience this has often been one of the most difficult areas of implementing a new software system into a business. The user friendly interface, support and backup that have been provided by Fishbowl Australia has made this one of the easiest transitions from one system to another that I have been involved with.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 requested inventory management solution for Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) users, and it is also a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets. For Reckon Accounts users, it provides the same advanced features, flexibility and mobile inventory management control larger organizations enjoy. In addition, Fishbowl offers a growing number of business tools, including a Manufacturing Option, warehouse management software, point of sale solution, server hosting, e-commerce and mobile sales.

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