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About Filtermax

Filtermax is a wholesalers filter importer and distributor with the central distribution centre in Albury, New South Wales. The company imports a large range of filters from several countries around the world and also purchases from other distributors locally within Australia. Their product range suits a wide range of machinery and industrial applications including cars, trucks, buses, stationary engines etc.

Business Challenges & Needs

Before implementing Fishbowl the business used a wide range of spread sheets to keep track of back orders, calculate landed costs on shipments from overseas calculate the cubic size of orders (this was to ensure that purchase orders were being placed with suppliers when the order got to a size to maximise the use of space available within shipping containers ). The management of these spreadsheets was very labour intensive and prone to error.

The business also needed a more efficient order fulfillment process. The current system did not have the ability to track the status of an order as it was being fulfilled. There were no formal locations set up within the warehouse for bin and shelf numbers and as such the picking process was not very efficient as staff were moving across the warehouse floor multiple times to fulfill an order.

Another challenge in the business was that all of the part numbers (of which there were several thousand) were very similar so there was a lot of room for error when entering and picking orders. There was a need to implement a barcoding system to improve accuracy of these steps.

The picking process has become a lot more streamlined. The use of bar codes and the scanning software has meant that it has been very easy to train new staff within the business...

Sid Samuel

Sales & Operations

The Solution

Filtermax then discovered Fishbowl through an online search. They found Fishbowl Inventory in 2011 and then decided it was the right solution to solve the urgent challenges they had at hand as the business was growing and taking on new product lines. The solution was to implement Fishbowl Inventory within the business coupled with the Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse scanning solution for the warehouse floor. The business was already using QuickBooks as its accounting system and the seamless integration along with the feature set that Fishbowl was able to provide meant that they could implement a solution that catered to their needs at a fraction of the cost of other systems they had reviewed.

The Results

Filtermax started seeing positive results almost immediately after they started using Fishbowl Inventory. They noticed huge efficiency gains across multiple processes in their business. Thanks to the reorder points and order up to levels and cubic sizes of parts they can now calculate an overseas order to maximise the space in the shipping container while ordering quantities that best met their inventory requirements in a matter of minutes.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 requested inventory management solution for Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) users, and it is also a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets. For Reckon Accounts users, it provides the same advanced features, flexibility and mobile inventory management control larger organizations enjoy. In addition, Fishbowl offers a growing number of business tools, including a Manufacturing Option, warehouse management software, point of sale solution, server hosting, e-commerce and mobile sales.

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