Push or Pull Manufacturing: What Fits Your Business?

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To push or to pull? That is the question that manufacturers must answer.

What is Push Manufacturing?

Pushing means that manufacturers create more products than they currently need in order to push them onto store shelves and have them ready for customers to buy at any given moment.

What is Pull Manufacturing?

Pulling means that manufacturers only create a product when a customer orders it. This cuts down on carrying costs, saves storage space, and creates a much leaner and more streamlined manufacturing operation.

How can manufacturing software help?

To be successful in the pulling method, manufacturers must rely on quick, accurate data. This can be found in a manufacturing inventory solution, such as Fishbowl Manufacturing. This software helps manufacturers keep track of sales and inventory trends so they can make sure they have enough inventory on hand to meet demand instead of scrambling when they run into shortages or have too much in stock.

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