Order Fulfillment

Fishbowl keeps your warehouse running smoothly.

order fulfillment process: multiple vendors

Multiple Vendors.

Fishbowl Mobile automatically generates a Purchase Order and bills it to your accounting package when you order new products. Receive products into your warehouse by scanning them in with a wireless mobile device. Then store them in their assigned place in your warehouse.

order fulfillment process: picking


Using a mobile device, you can quickly find any product in your warehouse and also determine if you have enough products to fulfill an order.

morder fulfillment process: packing


Fishbowl Inventory helps you determine what size containers you should use to pack orders. It also allows you to pack multiple orders at the same time.

order fulfillment process: shipping


Fishbowl Inventory integrates with UPS and FedEx, and it will soon be certified as UPS Ready, which means it will be able to calculate shipping costs, notify UPS to pick up packages, and more.

order fulfillment process: reordering


Instead of having to manually reorder each product when it gets low, you can set up automatic reorder points, which will avoid stock outs and save you time.

Fishbowl Inventory will help you get your order fulfillment processes flowing smoothly in short order!

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