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Custom Reporting for Fishbowl inventory management software.

Fishbowl custom reports

One of the most important pieces of any business software is Business Intelligence. What good is a great software system if you can’t get the numbers out of it that you need? While Fishbowl Inventory has some built-in reporting functions, these partners can take your Fishbowl reporting to new levels! Certified by Fishbowl, they generate reports on just about everything!

Fishbooks Pro

Transforming your data into usable information is what a well-designed and well-written custom report can do for your organization. Combined with our automated delivery system, FishNet, we have removed the hassle of integrating custom reports into Fishbowl. Whether you are in need of a modification to a standard report, a package of reports or a single report, please call us. At FishBooks Pro, our singular focus is increasing the functionality and value of Fishbowl Inventory.

Tarabyte Solutions

Information is power. Fishbowl offers over 100 reports so you can compile, review and prepare your company data. These reports are fantastic but may not meet your needs 100%. We’ll work with you to uncover the perfect report structure and build custom reports that give you the information you need. As your company grows and changes, we’ll make sure your reporting structure matches your growth so you stay ahead of the game. We also offer standard report packages by management function.


LilyPad for Fishbowl is a subsidiary of Sharpe Concepts, a longtime Preferred Fishbowl Partner. LilyPad for Fishbowl provides fully integrated tools for Fishbowl users, developed in conjunction with the Fishbowl Developers Network and fully tested by Fishbowl Certified application technicians. Years of distribution and manufacturing experience merge with Fishbowl expertise to provide intelligent applications and services to make your Fishbowl implementation more effective.

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