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Solution Discovery

Information Technology is not a cost center, it is central to your business strategy..

ERP Implementation

From Ideas to Process, discover how we can help make your next ERP Implementation smooth sailing.

Custom Software

When Off-The-Shelf is not what you need. Custom Software scratches the business itch.

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Beep1 is the only mobile warehouse management platform, for Fishbowl, that offers the warehouse unparalleled simplicity, speed and flexibility. The software delivers your business a unique competitive advantage through simple text menus, single key commands and optional custom workflows.

Klipfolio for Fishbowl

ILC is now offering a rich, fast, and secure cloud Business Dashboard Platform; Klipfolio, to all of our Fishbowl customers. Klipfolio is a Business Dashboard Platform in the cloud and works natively in your web browser

Shipworks for Fishbowl

ShipWorks is the most flexible, most powerful way to import, manage, ship and track your online orders. And now, thanks to the ILC Shipworks Integrator, Fishbowl users can seamlessly integrate with Shipworks!

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