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SalesIn Will Send Information Directly To Fishbowl, Ready To Be Picked, Packed, And Shipped.

Keep your inventory up to date while taking orders and making sales on the road. Never know if you have enough stock to fulfill the order or want to let the customer know the lead time on a certain product? Now you can, Fishbowl will feed live stock information directly to the SalesIn app and you will never leave your customer in the dark or miss out on a sale again.

When you take an order on SalesIn, the order will be sent directly to Fishbowl and the warehouse can start picking and shipping straight away, improve efficiency and automate your order management processes with Fishbowl.

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Say Hello To SalesIn.

SalesIn will run directly from your iphone, ipad or from your favourite browser. Show customers a high definition product range with a swipe of a finger. SalesIn is perfect for taking orders and looking up inventory while on the road.

If you want to learn more about how you can make your sales easier than ever, head over to the SalesIn website HERE

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If you want to see how you can improve your order management back at the warehouse, download a fully functional, no-obligation, 14-day free-trial of Fishbowl and integrate your on the road sales with the number one requested inventory management software for Reckon Accounts and now also integrates seamlessly with Xero.

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