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Fishbowl inventory software new features

New Features.

Fishbowl is continuously improving and releasing new software versions throughout the year. Check out the newest features that are making Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse even more user-friendly and useful to your business.


fishbowl inventory software feature list

Feature List.

Fishbowl has an exhaustive feature set – everything from auto reorder points to variable pricing. See all of the features you’ll get in the latest versions of:

  • Fishbowl Warehouse
  • Fishbowl Manufacturing
  • Fishbowl Mobile
  • SalesPoint by Fishbowl


fishbowl inventory software system recommendations

System Recommendations.

Do you have regular customers that buy the same products on a regular basis? Fishbowl’s Quick Lists feature allows you to store and uniquely name lists of products so that you won’t have make a new Sales Order from scratch every time a customer requests the same items. You can also edit any saved Sales Orders if the orders vary slightly.


order management: variable pricing

Software Development Kit

Fishbowl’s SDK lets third-party developers build their own tools and modify certain aspects of Fishbowl to make it work even better for your business. You can create new reports, modify orders, export data from Fishbowl to different programs, and much more. You’re limited only by your imagination.

You must become a member of the Fishbowl Developer Network to gain access to Fishbowl’s SDK and application programming interface (API). You can find more details about this by visiting the Fishbowl Developer Network page.


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