Touchscreen POS Kit

Everything you need for a Touchscreen point of sale system.

The Touchscreen POS Kit includes many of the same parts as the Basic POS Kit: the bar code scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer. And it adds three other advanced pieces of equipment: a touchscreen monitor, rear display, and integrated credit card reader. With touchscreen technology, you'll be able to make the checkout process even more convenient for your customers and are available anywhere that sells point of sale hardware.

pos kit EVO-TM2 Touch Monitor

The EVO-TM2 Touch Monitor comes in 15-inch and 17-inch models. It speeds up the checkout process by making it more user-friendly for the sales clerk and by letting customers do most of the work themselves. Under rigorous tests, this touchscreen monitor has been proven to handle 50 million touches in its lifetime.

pos kit EVO-RD2-LCD8 Integrated LCD Customer Display

The optional EVO-RD2-LCD8 Integrated LCD Customer Display can be easily attached to the back of the Touch Monitor, allowing both the cashier and customer to see real-time information when products are scanned and purchased. The Customer Display is about half the size of the Touch Monitor.

pos kit EVO-MR2 Integrated Magnetic Swipe Reader

The EVO-MR2 Integrated Magnetic Swipe Reader is similar to the credit card reader in the Basic POS Kit, but with one key difference. This one is specially designed to integrate with the touchscreen products above. Just plug it in, and it’s ready to go.

pos kit EVO-BS1 LED Bar Code Scanner

The EVO-BS1 LED Bar Code Scanner is more than just your run-of-the-mill bar code scanner; it's durable and top of the line, its casing is shatter-resistant, and it's designed with the users' comfort in mind. Plus, it saves time by reading bar codes and processing data in milliseconds.

EVO-RP1 Thermal Receipt Printer

The EVO-RP1 Thermal Receipt Printer is an ideal choice for retailers and any other businesses that need to print receipts swiftly and accurately. It has multiple USB interfaces and allows you to print images and words onto receipts at a rate of six inches per second.

EVO-CD Cash Drawer

The EVO-CD Cash Drawer comes in 16x16-inch and 18x18-inch models. With its steel exterior, this cash drawer is able to withstand serious abuse and still keep your money safe. The till inside is the perfect size for both U.S. and Canadian dollars and coins.

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