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detailed inventory reports

Detailed reports, customised for your unique business needs.

Fishbowl inventory management software gives you the ability to collect data on inventory, sales, and other aspects of your business, and then organize all of that data into detailed reports. These reports illuminate sales changes and other trends that would be difficult to spot by just looking at raw data.

business reporting

With over 150 reports, know your inventory inside and out.

You can use the reports in Fishbowl inventory management software to keep track of many parts of your business, including:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Orders
  • RMA
  • Sales
  • Vendors
  • Plus much more...
customised reports for inventory and manufacturing

Customised reports? Fishbowl can!

You can also build your own custom reports or work with one of Fishbowl’s partners in the Fishbowl Partner Marketplace to add even more reports that will best serve your company’s needs.

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