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Bill Of Materials Can Save Time On The Warehouse Floor.

With Fishbowl Manufacturing®, after you create a bill of materials you can automatically generate it again and again each time that job comes up. This speeds up the manufacturing process by helping manufacturers get organized faster.

You can customize a bill of materials to meet different needs. For example, if you have several versions of the same product, you can modify the bill of materials for one version to be used for all the others.

A bill of materials doesn’t have to just be a list of words. It can also include pictures of the parts you’re looking for to make them easier to identify. Using a wireless mobile device, you can quickly locate everything on a bill of materials in your warehouse.

If you don’t use everything on the bill of materials, you can go into Fishbowl Manufacturing and easily adjust the records to show the actual number of parts you used, instead of the planned number. This cuts down on wasted materials and it keeps your records accurate.

Schedule a free demo of Fishbowl Manufacturing to see all the ways you can use a bill of materials in your manufacturing jobs by calling our office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

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